Cindy Atcheson Taylor

Managing Director, Accounts

Conscientious and responsible, Cindy works diligently to keep our customers and staff happy.

Deon Swart

Operations Manager, Head Mechanic

Deon is devoted and honest. He works tirelessly to keep our customers satisfied with our service and to keep our equipment in working order.

Jennifer Kennedy
Dispatch, Accounts

Jennifer is reliable and meticulous. She spends her time at work ensuring that our customers get the best service possible and that their bills are sent out with speed and accuracy.

Dean Bailey
Vehicle Operator,
Roll On Roll Off Trucks

Dean is dependable and trustworthy. He ensures that our customers with compactors and large bins are kept happy and that their refuse removal needs are met.

Mark Haye
Vehicle Operator, Rear Load Trucks

Mark is steady and diligent. He is relied on to keep our West End customers content with our service.

Ronald Smith
Vehicle Operator, Roll On Roll Off Trucks

Ronald can be counted on to be on time and to get the job done. He'll be found moving our compactors and large bins quickly and safely for our delighted customers.

Anthony Cherrington
Vehicle Operator, Rear Load Trucks

Anthony is trustworthy and devoted to working with our clients in the central area of Bermuda.

Shane Smith
Vehicle Operator, Rear Load Trucks

Shane is conscientious and responsible. Timely service for our customers in the East End relies on him.

Barrie Lowe
Heavy Equipment Repair,

Barrie is steady and dependable. He can be found in our workshop keeping our vehicles on the road and our equipment safe and in good working order.

Kenneth Jollliffe
Retired Vehicle Operator, 
Rear Load Trucks

Kenny is honest, loyal and steady. Despite being retired, you'll still find him in our offices at least once a week. He comes to keep an eye on all of us and because we love his company.

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